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Sell Used Medical Equipment

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Buy & Sell Used Medical Systems
Medical Imaging Equipment  -  Biotech Lab Equipment

Get Top Dollar for Your Used Medical Systems

To sell your medical equipment, just email or fax complete details about what you're selling. Include brand, model and age along with a photo of the equipment and serial number plates. Be sure to provide your contact information and where your used medical equipment is located. We guarantee a fair market offer. We will handle and pay for freight. Transactions are easy. Contact us today.


Buy Refurbished Medical Equipment

We sell refurbished used medical equipment at excellent prices compared to new, with the exact same performance. We sell only quality used equipment and offer a full range of brands and models to meet your specific needs. Available equipment changes daily, so we don't post an inventory, but we have many types, brands and models. Just contact us today for your needs.

Used Medical Systems - Imaging & Biotech Lab
We buy and sell a full range of medical imaging systems and biotech lab equipment. Get top dollar for your equipment or buy at big savings under manufacturer's prices.
Medical Imaging Equipment    Biotech Lab Equipment

Inventory & Prices

Our available used medical equipment list changes daily, so we don't post an inventory or prices. Just contact us with your specific requirements and we'll get back to you with a quote. Our prices are very competitive.

Easy Transactions with Baker Street

We've been in business since 1998 helping companies throughout the U.S. with their medical equipment needs. Whether you buy from us or sell to us, we treat you right.
We sell top quality used medical systems from all well-known major manufacturers. All medical equipment sold is fully inspected, refurbished and carries a warranty. Transactions are easy and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Count on it.

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